The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Why you think he can afford a 60 million apartment?



Same with the lot that are well off, but just…refuse to use AC in the summer.


Indeed. I live in an old veterans’ village. With each winter, we lose more and more neighbors. Ambulances come and go at all hours. Sometimes, they just won’t make it. So the ambulance just stops there, and waits for another white van that picks up the bodies. My doctor always warns me about this time of the year as I have a heart condition.

I guess also people get stressed before and during the holidays. That and the cold and a precondition… trifecta.


Snow on YMS…let’s do this


3 layers and still freezing my derriere in the office. It is getting a bit uncomfortable.

Going out for lunch is a conundrum.


Old folks wake up early and like to go for an early morning walk, which can be deadly. The big difference between indoor and outdoor temperature can do nasty things to you if you have a heart condition.


Beef noodle soup cures everything. I like this shop.


As others have said, the cold mainly seems to cause deaths by stressing the heart a little bit more. But that also makes the statistics very tricky, and the newspaper articles do a horrible job of addressing that. Are they simply attributing any heart-attack death to the cold, for this week and this week only?

Here’s a tangentially related article from Vox about dangers from cold versus hot. Most interesting tidbit for me from the article: Brisbane has very little temperature variation, which means it’s an ideal lab for studying how temperature swings affect mortality rates.

A couple of quotes from the article:

Hot temperatures are more dangerous in a city that’s cooler year-round like Buffalo, New York, while chilly weather in the warmer climes of Brownsville, Texas, is deadlier. This is likely due to the fact that people acclimate to a certain climate, whether through their physiology or through homes and workplaces that protect them from the average local weather.

Cold, for example, stresses the heart and lungs as the body works to maintain its core temperature. Researchers have found that heart-related hospitalizations increase shortly after a snowstorm blankets a region.

However, in cold weather, people tend to stay indoors. Spending more hours in an enclosed space with others increases the likelihood of transmitting viruses like influenza, while dry indoor air can increase the susceptibility to these infections. As such, in cold weather the increase in deaths may not come from the temperature per se.


This is picture kind of shows the temperature differences between subtropical Northern Taiwan and tropical Southern Taiwan along the Tropic of Cancer.


Too bad it all seems to fall at night.


I don’t mind if its a big enough fall to cover the ground completely. As it was 2 years ago.


Cycling friends are already planning on going up Saturday morning. I would be all for it if I had a mountain bike.

I’m going to skip the mayhem and just…sleep in. I didn’t go two years ago, but I assume if it gets below freezing, lots of black ice.

If anyone else is heading up, stay safe.


If I could cross-country ski to work, that would be awesome.


In Taiwan? There is no difference, oh, wait, indoors it’s colder! :rofl:


My in-laws somehow pull this off in winter, and it mystifies me.


This is the miracle of Taiwanese architecture. In the winter it’s colder indoors than outdoors, and in the summer it’s hotter inside than outside.


Too cold …brrr …
Wanted to wear my winter gloves but wearing it I can’t work on laptop.
I still need to endure 2.5hrs


Fingerless gloves. Stick a small luanbao in each glove and Bob’s your uncle.

Wear a wool hat. Most heat escapes through the head, hands and feet. If hands and feet are covered and you are still cold, cover the head.




Yes I am wearing hat and socks and my fingers are very very cold …i even try to hold ceramic mud with hot water in it my goodness …i want to go home and dive into my blanket.