The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Drink the hot water, don’t just hold it :wink:


Just took my jacket off and I’ll be heading to the pool after getting off work. Sheesh guys. It ain’t that bad.


Welcome to the 90s


The 10 percent of your body heat that escapes through your head isn’t nothing, and every bit of bundling helps keep you warmer than you would be otherwise

Scarfs, pulse points must be keep heated. stay warm!

Now get me a quote saying liquor is not good when it is too cold.


Inside my boss place are very cold, been seating and the only thing move are my hands and my brain.

ok time to finished my work so I can go off on time.


good idea - i got vodka at home will bring some tomorrow at work :rofl:


Liquor doesn’t make you warmer, it just makes you not care as much.


Maybe you should educate some Taiwanese on that, wearing a jacket you could to Antarctica with to keep warm but on the other hand, uh, feet wearing slippers/flip-flops! :roll_eyes:


Neither is a hot drink, it will bring down your core temp. as the body tries to equalize. Have a cold beer!


Hand warmers, available island wide in any place that likes making money now!



Hey that’s me , still doing that for a quick Safeway run here in the east bay


So Monday, 9 degrees. How will offices cope with 9 degrees? Our heaters keep tripping the mains out. Its an interesting test of Taiwanese middle management which I’m sure they’ll fail with flying colors.


That is my question. I have a huge hot water bag I am leaning on, it is keeping me warm today. But Real Feel on Monday will be much lower than 7. Indoor thermometer reading right now says 20 but feels a lot lower, I do not know how we will manage on Monday if it gets worse. As said, this cold spell is a health hazard.


They should just hand out those super-cheap down jackets in lieu of Chinese New Year bonuses. Problem solved! God, I really missed my calling. I should’ve been a Taiwanese middle manager. Wait…


They’ve already handed them to us, plus Vitamin C pills, plus soup.

The entire office (minus one girl who I suspect is an android) already have bad colds and they’re blaming that on our failure to wear masks.


I’m in shorts >_>


Gonna get ugly.

Early Saturday, the mercury will plunge to 7 degrees in downtown Taipei and 6 degrees in coastal and rural areas around Taiwan, Chang said.

The cold surge will be severest on Sunday and Monday, when daytime temperatures will remain below 10 degrees in northern Taiwan, with a chance of snow at elevations above 1,000 meters, he said.


It snowed on Snow Mountain.




And here I was thinking snow was just another white supremacist meme.