The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Along with the Coldness? Tell the coldness to get along?:thinking:


When I read stuff like this, I remember Yilan is too close to Xindian.

Hang in there guys and gals!


You probably need a man to lean on! :wink:


I found something Icon would like :grinning:


I prefer the one on the right. It’s furrier.

Next image sort of represents my current status:


At work?! My boss may disagree. And there is little space in my cubicle. Might slow down work and that is a no no.

You guys enjoy your better half or human blanket with ears as we call em in Spanish.


I suspect her name is not Apple, being an Android

It does get so dang cold there when the fronts come. I remember those days , me in full ski garb including gloves and beanie and I’m still in the house with 4 heaters running , and it’s still only 6 c inside and 4 C outside and I wished the rain would turn to snow, may as well. This was Wanli aka the North Pole.


It is very cold but not as cold as Scotland :grinning: In a month or two it will be warm in Taiwan


I can deal with the cold, but it’s the constant rain that kills me.


Yea this is the worst of the winter so far… Right on schedule for chinese new year. Misery!


The world’s most boring holiday meets up with Taiwan’s most depressing weather. What’s not to like? A true recipe for success. :grin:


Yup, and the majority of Taiwan natives are looking forward to it, gambling, drinking, eating, drinking a bit more, eating some more, driving cross-country to visit family, driving back cross-country visiting the other family branch, what is there not to like.


The Central Weather Bureau has named Taiwan’s rainiest town, and contrary to expectations because of its nickname, the harbor town of Keelung did not make the cut.

The city on Taiwan’s north coast is known as the “rain city,” but in effect, the town which really deserves that name is Suao, on the northeast coast in Yilan County, the Liberty Times reported Saturday.



Oh hell.

Any job openings in Tainan/Kaohsiung please send them my way.


There’s a tiny village in the north coast, not far from Jiufen / Ruifeng, that it’s supposed to be the most rainy spot? Township? In the island. Will try to find the name. Now, what does it mean? The one with more precipitation? With more days of rain? Dunno.


Suao is just an indicator of northern Taiwan. It rains a lot everywhere up here.


Could be Sandiaoling. I have never seen the sun shine there on four visits.


It has started to snow in Yangmingshan.


Merry Christmas!


I think it was here, but I’m not 100% sure: