The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Some roads like num. 7 were closed this evening:


Fuck me its cold in my office today. Management hiding, no one dares address the snow tiger in the room.


15 degrees indoors. Thermal underwear, snow coat, merino wool hat… and I am still cold. So worried about my kitties.

This won’t let up until Wednesday and they are already warning there is another cold front on the way for the weekend.


Non-stop ambulances all morning. Old folk dropping like flies.


Last 4 days there were already 140 something dead.


It is snowing in Wulai. well, 1 cm, but it has started.


Took the MRT to work instead of the scoots this morning.

I think it was a good idea. The MRT and stations all seem much warmer than anywhere else I’ve gone in the past few days.


@ranlee That’s what I’m doing. MRT all the way. Usually, I’m on a scooter but decided the rain and cold are probably not good for my health. The flip side is that everyone is sick inside the MRT. Today, my coworkers kid is too sick for daycare to accept. So, guess what she does? Brings her into the office.


12 degrees on the bus today as the driver put his aircon on 12C, moron! They never heard about ‘HEATING’?


If it was dry and 10C, scoots. Hands are going to get cold an hour after sitting down anyways.

Wet and 10C? Nope. No thanks. I normally park underground so I’m not being rained on while I put on the raincoat, but the cold and wet combo is just the devil in disguise.


Wulai pics


Snow in Wulai? Not something I have heard before


2 years ago it was ever so.


How old is the kid?


I was hoping for a clear sky today to see the mountains with a white top like last month, but it’s still cloudy, foggy and rainy here.


5 years old. They finally left. Coughing and interacting with everyone! But don’t worry, she was wearing a mask (sarcastic comment).


Fuck me. I spent 2-1/2 weeks in ski country this past Christmas holiday where it didn’t get above zero and it feels colder here.


That says more about the work culture - can’t take time off to take care of kid or else risk being fired.


I wore the same clothes today as I did sailing icy waters also below zero in Japan…heck, this morning I couldn’t feel my feet.

It is 7:30 and I am getting into bed and I won’t come out.


Actually, the boss is great! She could take the time but decided work in the office was more important.