The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



My coworker took this photo today of snow-topped Yangmingshan.


@Aikaili I chickened out and took the MRT again this morning.

When you wake up cold and everything from your slippers and clothes are all cold. Last thing you’d want is to get on the scooter.


I’m going to see if I can get a pic too. Corner of Fuxing and Minchuan, here’s hoping.


I’m so fucking cold I feel nauseous


Slippers, scooter? You sound really Taiwanese, slippers on a scooter is dangerous!


Hey, at least it’s dry today! And it’s significantly brighter than it’s been in a while.

(As I slowly type, periodically blowing on my hands to warm them up.)

I didn’t realize there was snow on Yangmingshan. I’m disappointed - I can’t make out any snow from Danshui right now.


Is my English getting worse or did you read that the wrong way ooor…


I am guilty of wearing sports flip flops/slippers in the summer when I run short errands though…


Seriously? Aren’t you from Canada? I thought you Northerners were made of hardier stuff.


FedEx guy’s wearing fucking shorts.
Buddy must have a metal plate in his head or something


It was so cold in my apartment that I slept in my white fluffy robe that makes me look like the coca cola bears…



Welcome to winter wonderland.


You up yet, Auntie? You’ve been unusually quiet today.


Yep, I am up. I am currently waiting for my toes and fingers to drop from frostbite at the office.

One of my bosses is wearing a dress and high heels. Silk stockings. Meanwhile, my Russian coworker, who just came back from Moscow, insists it is colder here.

BTW, that reminds me that the current fashion accesory du jour is a hot water bottle. You know, the old fashioned latex ones, but now they sell them with cute fluffy covers, too.


Seriously, be careful. One of the symptoms of circulatory problems in cold weather are headaches and feeling dizzy. Perhaps a quick visit to the doctor is in the cards?


And the ‘shake’ packs to keep warm hands!


Oh yes, that’ll be fun. A visit to a room filled with 114 other sick people all wanting the same bag of pills, none of which do anything except repress symptoms and destroy the effectiveness of antibiotics worldwide.


My boss just handed those out. Choice of 24 hour and 48 hour models.


Where is that?


I was heating up something (not going to tell what) and suddenly the tiles next to the stove just popped of the wall, a few cracks, pocks and there they went. The pillar they were mounted on was cold, the fire hot, and than the quake a few days ago, too much for them to carry on their duty. They just expanded, the concrete shrunk, disaster!


My mom is a hot water bottle enthusiast lol