The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018




got a small cut on my calf while riding, and since i’m wearing shorts the cold stopped my bleeding in no time.

checkmate, hot weather lovers


Did the blood turn into ice cubes?


Walking home after my run is almost like an ice bath. Refreshing


First walk for Bobby in more than a week. I know it is only for today but oh how pleasant it is NOT to have rain.


You jinxed it.


Nope, I had already seen the forecast. I was hoping against hope that my wish for lasting dryness would come true.


I ordered myself a better heater. My place is freezing! 24 hour pc home is the best thing.


I first set the dehumidifier and then the heater. That seems to do the trick.

Note: do not turn both at the same time.


Of the years that I’ve moved back, yesterday was the first time I’ve ever had to…“turn on the heat”.

Luckily, my AC unit has a heater function. I cranked it up last night and room was originally 13C, went up to 17C in an hour or so. I don’t like how it’s not auto like most US central heating systems. So, it did get stuffy, really really fast.


The numbers don’t show how cold Taiwan can be when the fronts are in town. But you can get chilled to the bone, your core body temp can drop to a dangerous level.


My dehumidifier has barely any water in the tank after 3 days use. Maybe 2 inches.

I did move into a different apartment, maybe it’s not as wet in there.


Dude, check your machine, that’s not right


It is brand spanking new, like 1 month old.


You paid extra for the Spanking feature?

I was thinking of that, but the Mrs put the kibosh on the whole deal


It intensifies the dehumidification process


I love it when you talk dirty :howyoudoin:


Boy, these little Bunny Bunny Shake Shake bags are the only thing standing between me and fatal hypothermia right now.

I wish they could figure out how to make a whole pair of pants out of them…


I hear the most effective way to use them is to tear them open and snort the powder.


My fingers are about to fall off.