The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



The warmest place I’ve found that’s consistently warm are underground MRT stations.


7-11s have pretty good hot air ACs


Despite some of them having open fridges for drinks the tea egg pots, guan dong zhu and all the fridges churning out warm air, it’s not a bad place to hop into to warm up a bit.

What would we do without the convenience of convenient stores.


Eat better food?



I’ve been slipping in to the office kitchen when nobody’s around and standing in the open door of the bientang box heater for a couple of minutes, the steam rolls out like a friggin sauna.
Unfortunately it’s turned off after lunch


28 years here…worst winter by a cuntry mile.


Really? I seem to remember worse. But I probably had less protective body fat back then.


It went from what I consider the hottest never ending ‘summer’ (it’s not just my perception but objective reality of global warming ) to the worst most miserable damp and grey winter.
We have not even seen the sky in two to three weeks in Taipei.


Colder snaps and longer periods of rain. But I’ve never seen 12 consecutive days of rain and sub-12 degree temperatures.


Just grey grey grey…rain…Cold…rain…Air pollution.
Really bad.


With the amount of time you’ve been here, that says a lot.


Yeah, I seem to remember one winter when it literally rained without stopping for over a month.


I am glad I dropped down to Tainan. It was gorgeous.

I am told it is 9 degrees there too now.


My first year here it was 40 days without seeing the sun.


And you decided to stay? That’s some serious ai daiwan.


Cue corny ai daiwan music video:


Now tell them how that included 30 days of not getting out of bed before 6 pm.


Plus 10 days where we didn’t actually go to bed at all cause we got the dosages on the Billy Whizz wrong.


Worse than 2016? I can’t remember which is worse, both depressing tests of endurance.


Yeah but remember on the day of the big snow it wasn’t raining. Extreme cold is much more bearable if its not raining. Usually in Taiwan it doesn’t rain during really nasty cold snaps since humidity drops.