The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Tell me about it. I never feel this cold on the ski slopes.


Yeah, it’s the same back home, it almost never snows when it’s way down in the -25 to -40. On the rare occasion that it does, it’s like friggin Ragnarok or something


My snow boots take up to -20. I still feel my toes frozen. Friggin humidity.


I think Taiwan had colder winters back in the day.
But I did think that the super long hot summer may bring an extra cold winter
Yin and yang and all that


Oh triple hell no…

Please remember CWB said the same when JWC predicted correctly it would snow…


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


When it got down to 4 c in wanli I thought it may as well snow

At least that could be fun
But maybe not as nobody has chains or winter tires or knows how to drive in snow
It would be a mess


Hey guys, reading through some of your weather thread I see lots of comments about how cold (or hot) it gets inside your home/bunker :wink: Are those commenters living in older concrete block buildings? When we move to Taipei we plan to find (and pay more) for a newer high-rise building for our apartment rental. I assume the new post-2000 era construction standards would have far superior insulation. Or will I still need space heaters in every room? Can anyone testify to that? All the hotels (modern built) I’ve stayed at in Taipei were quite comfortable indoors in hot and cold weather. Thanks!


Hotel is different from an apartment here. Unless you plan to spend 60000 ntd on rent, you likely won’t get any insulation at all.


No one else is forecasting that way…not sure where they’re getting that from.


In my experience, no. The newer structures typically will have more windows though, which helps as you peer out into the gloomy grey enveloping Taipei.



Better insulation only in the sense that the windows are sealed shut.

Anyway, so its official, the second worst winter in 100 years.


Many of the new units have newer AC units that do have a heat function that is good enough for the few days you need to use it. Ask about it when you are apartment hunting. Also, sometimes AC units won’t be installed yet if the apartment is brand new, in this case you can negotiate the installation of a unit with this feature.

If you encounter a brand new apartment that doesn’t have AC units installed, and the landlord says that it is your responsibility, walk away.


Especially because those aircon units will become yours but you won’t really want to take them with you when you move out. Bit heavy.


I think of you dear Tommy every night lately as I have to wear a wool cap to bed.


Insulation? What’s that?

As said, AC with double function or kerosene heaters -unless you have kids/pets.


Not doubting you, but where does that come from?


Hahaha insulation, that’s a good one.

Additionally, all the windows I have seen in residental are single-glazed. Single fckin glazed in a 21st century. Enjoy wiping the condensation every 2 hours in winter.


Those were days I was not fond of on the rock
That’s why I only love summers in Taiwan


It was in the article Icon linked to but I just checked it and what it actually says is the second longest cold snap THIS CENTURY. So scrub that.