The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



They should have known. Fog is thick as soup. Not nice airline.


Taipei Taoyuan is congested , slots for takeoff limited.

The plane needs to roll at a moment’s notice. Hence the waiting on board.

Planes can take off in fog , even land at a zero/zero airport like TPE. Not ideal but doable on Cat 3


Yes, but there is also the limitations of how legal the crew can be if you start counting the time of work plus delays. If they load people and crew up too far in advance, they may have to unload and change crews. So it is a gamble to load unless you are pretty sure.


What’s that bright thing coming over the horizon in the east?


Man I am feeling really crappy but for the sake if sunshine and vitamin D, out we go.



Boss came in …It’s “Sunny”

Then she Open all windows and doorsssss.

Me :frowning: but still cold


Sun is fun. :notworthy:


I couldn’t have asked for more for lunch…except for a longer lunch break.


Spring is here Spring is here…maybe not.


Right spanker of a day out there this morning. All that pain was worth it just so’s we earned ourselves a nice little window of good weather for the New Year break. Go forth and enjoy.


A couple more sweet days coming too. Enjoy!



Enjoy the sunshine…one more day.


No complaints that the weather goes bad while I’m in the office.

Weekend looks promising though.


Arrived back just in time to cop this cold front -_-;.


Some strange blue stuff with white puffy things in the sky today. Maybe 2 weeks of spring has arrived.


I was just about to say that. Seriously, wtf are those things and why are they up in the sky?

@IbisWtf any comment? Help?


I’ve yet to see this in Taiwan. Two days is more likely!



Summer starts Saturday, continues on through Sunday, then he gets his ass kicked by winter on Tuesday.


The wind in yilan was coming from the south west, so from the valley that leads to taiping mountain & friends.

I have no idea what’s going on.

Send help.


Wow, I just realized my mood changed this morning when the sun was shining through the window.