The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


ah, so back to normal.


I was wondering about the air quality. I mean, I can’t see Shinkong Mitsukoshi a couple of blocks away… That ain’t right.


I’m already starting to feel it in my eyes and nose, so…not good.


Huge drop in temperature, rain expected today and tomorrow for most of the day. Islandwide.


This is just the cake compared to the icing on top that’s suppose to come in next week…


Yes, global warming is real, but it’s also come about during times of no cars and before the Industrial Revolution.

With that in mind and with what is happening to the sun (entering a period of lower solar activity), if you read that link which has data for 1000s of years (and not just over the lifetime of Al Gore), then Taipei and northern Taiwan could really suck for winters in the next decade or so.


Extreme weather and all that jazz. My family in Pensacola and Tallahasse must be freezing. Pal in Minessotta has great pics from the ice all around… at -25c degrees.

This just getting started…


When I was growing up in Taipei I always remember the winters being very cold

Lower sun activity could mean less quakes maybe


I haven’t even turned on my house heating yet this winter. Or worn my heavy jacket.

Couple days ago I was riding a bike in shorts and no shorts.


I’d welcome a new ice age.


My brain just exploded. Is this like Schrodinger’s cat?


Maybe he kept pulling them up and down as he was riding?


I was thinking the same thing. It must be my Viking blood.


Yep, it was hot even muggy. the dehumidifier is working overtime.


Honestly the “no shorts” mental image is … disturbing.


Yea what does that mean? Maybe he means shorts and no shirt.


Wait…you’re the one who said it. Now you’re just yanking our collective chains…

Although I guess shorts and no shirt could be equally disturbing, depending on the size of your man boobs.


It’s raining iguanas in Florida, you know. I hope your family stays safe through the buh-lizard.


Taiwan is finally getting the climate I always wished it had. Long hot summers and short mild winters but I don’t live there anymore

Life is a beach for me.


Friggin non stop rain…

Cold front with lows of 9 degrees in Taipei expected tomorrow.