The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Your new air conditioning unit is in the mail.


Just don’t look directly at it for too long.


Don’t worry. Tomorrow we’ll be back to the regular raining weather! (According to AccuWeather) :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :cloud_with_lightning:


Already back to regular weather.

Ibis got his SOS call.


I see a very heavy cold front hitting Europe and my pals in Colorado and Minnessotta still have their lawns covered in snow, so nope, Spring is not here yet, in spite of the beautiful flowers.


Does He Huan Shan still have snow up there? I assume the warm days over new years didn’t melt everything up there?


Thank God, all that brightness was really annoying.


Sunshine is literally cancer.


WTF is going on with the weather? It went from bright and sunny to John Carpenter film in like an hour!


First day here?

It’s ok, you’ll get used to it.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s nice and sunny in Abuja right now.


Cloudy with a chance of 肉圆


Did you write Taiwan’s national dish in simplified characters just to piss people off? (nice job, by the way)


I only work in simplified these days so both my phone and my PC only have simplified. Unfortunate but I need to be up to speed with it otherwise I might mix up 没 and 设 and it’d be WW3 all over again.


OK, now you’ve been outed as a communist spy…or a 50-center. They don’t serve ba wan in prison here, you know.


They do, third Thursday of the month is ba wan day. Me and the boys used to look forward to it.


The sky is SO clear tonight, haven’t seen it like this in a while. Even with a nearly full moon I can still see all the stars. It’s almost a pity the moon is hanging around, it would be an ideal night to take pics of the milky way while sipping beer on my balcony.


A fine morning in north Taiwan, in the midst of some terrific weather. Hope you enjoy it, folks!



Yesterday was amazing. I went out for a ride in the evening and despite not riding high enough to see the stars, all of Xinyi could be seen from Neihu. That’s a clear sign that it’s nice weather.

Looking forward to the weekend.


we’re getting our 12 hours of spring in yilan!