The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


I’m seeing around 50% chance of rain starting at 7PM tonight via Weather Underground.


Only 4:30 and dark as hell outside.

I wouldn’t mind cold or hot or pollution if we could just get more sunshine.


If we pay our dues now, looks like next week we’ll get plenty of it.


Sunshine or pollution? Wait…I guess it doesn’t have to be zero-sum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This time of year, the two usually go together, unfortunately.

I timed a bike ride pretty well today - saw a few blue gaps in the clouds, and soon after I got home, the darkness rolled in.


I was planning on doing a night ride…then I saw 50% chance of rain and drop in temps.

Work sucks.


I teach in a university. Still plenty of work to do when I’m not teaching, but lots of flexibility about when I get it done. It’s nice, except when that flexibility means I put off the work until the weekend and it turns out to be a gorgeous weekend and I’m stuck inside.


Add an indoor sport to the mix- swimming, weights, treadmill, etc. We are living in Taiwan after all! Frequent 30 minutes in the sauna and you’ll also be ready for the heat to come.


Extra blankets -or extra company- required tonight:


U guys can’t complain really.
Tahoe snow claimed two more lives

A 50 year old mom and her 7 year old son finished a run and walked back to their rented condo
A whole lot of snow slid from the roof as they arrived at the condo and they were buried under 3 feet of snow and died

Must’ve been knocked out otherwise you should be able to stand up from 3 feet of snow

Apparently no one was around to help in time


Well the cold fronts have claimed around 50 lives each time, mostly elderly and with heart conditions.

I think a lot of people die due to black ice accidents, falls on sidewalks and others in teh city when it snows. Those mountain accidents are awful.


I’m so happy,
I could cry,
blue sky,
when will it die.


I think the weather in Taipei is more closely in line with the thoughts of the great Elvis Costello:

I said “I’m so happy I could die”
She said “Drop dead” then left with another guy

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!



Two things I’ve never seen before.

1 so many people smiling
2 a sunny day with no umbrellas.


The wind is coming from the south east!


this has got to be a world record in taipei for the most consecutive days without clouds ever. beautiful!


3 blue sky days in a row isn’t it. Definitely a year record.


Why is it always hot? What’s this garbage? Can we have some more winter please?


Yes, two more months of that would be nice.


it lasted 4, pretty good!. today is a lot cloudier and polluted.