The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


My FOB friend asked me today what happened to Spring. I really do not have the heart to answer. What would you say? What can you say without having them running to the airport for the next plane out?


I don’t know, I’m just glad the sun left, it was getting too hot.



But what if it never comes again? You know it’s a possibility…


That’s Hell. Bu yao.


What the hell?!

Cold front incoming?! Shotomatte kudasai…


That’s what we get for complaining about the hot days.


Funny our weather seems to mimic yours in that we are getting a couple winter storms too

As they say March comes in like a Lion but goes out like a Lamb


Great weather in yilan today, sunny and warm with some fresh air from the sea.
I’m going to Taipei, what should I expect there?


Roughly the same, except for the “fresh air” and “sea” part.




Went to the coast this morning and I’d say it was hot. Lovely. Didn’t get into the water although I had a swimming suit because I wanted to return home early and the sea was a bit rough in the rocky area where I was, otherwise I’d have had swum for sure.


Swimmed ?






Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. And keep the jackets handy on Thursday, as forecast is as low as 8 degrees., and will stay cold until Sunday.


Will the press here ever tire of referring to the “mercury”?! It’s extremely grating at this point, hopefully they’ll find some new fantastic English phrase soon…


Difficult with this yo-yo weather…


You mean yo mercury changes, surely. And I know you’re called Icon!


Better than “yo yo yo” weather…:sunglasses:


Better than hanging around with yo yo people.


In Danshui: it was partly cloudy an hour ago. A peal of lightning out of nowhere, with following thunder, was about 10 minutes ago. And now it’s pouring here. Dunno if this will be local, or if it’s heading towards Taipei, or if it’s coming from Taipei.

Anyway, keep an umbrella handy.