The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Another beautiful day in Taipei


Now my weather forecast says 21 degrees, which would be hotter than today. I have set out two outfits for tomorrow accordingly.


@Icon Beware! The temperatures in Taipei are set to start plunging tomorrow (i.e. Monday) afternoon, all the way down to around 11-12 degrees the following morning. Add in another twelve hours or so of cold rain, and we have the makings of a pretty grim Monday.

On the plus side, Tuesday will be cold but the rain thankfully is supposed to stop.



I’m just looking forward to the 7-10 days of spring before the hot summer and then right into typhoon season.


Yep. 15 to 12 in Taipei with 100% possibility of rain.

But hadn’t they said before it would plunge to 9 to 7 degrees?


7 here in the east bay and we are getting some needed rain
Lucky we don’t live in the deep freeze zones of the world

NYC is st minus 12
That’s pretty cold !


Woke up expecting frigid temps and got outside to feel…17C?

Suppose the cold front is to start in the afternoon?


Yep, not here yet. but plenty of rain.


I fully expect to see a “And So It Begins” meme sometime this evening.


I’ve already used it. Can’t repeat a meme in the same thread in the same month.


All this rain sucks


Yup. I’m soooooo glad I spent the past two months in Mexico, with blue skies every single day. It seems to have recharged my batteries, so I can handle a few weeks of cold rain. I just hope it doesn’t last more than a few weeks.


I don’t understand how in that side of the world every day there is sunshine all day. Maybe that is why they cal it the tropics… :rofl:


and so it begins


I took the scoots to work this morning.

Luckily it was drizzling, so I had the rain jacket on.

Forgot my gloves though…


From some Chinese news today.



What’s the story?



Yeah, for all the good it does you.
Last night I’m stopped at a light and realize there’s about 3/4" of ice cold water in the end of each glove finger. First time that’s happened this year.