The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Luckily, it’s still 20C and warm in the house.

I don’t expect that to last too long.


Hehuanshan near Chingjing today.


That’s a location, not a story/caption.



Yea, but a picture tells a thousand words.


You mean because there’s snow on Hehuanshan?
It snows on Hehuanshan every winter, how is that news?


In Taiwan, snow is always news.


This is also posted in the weather thread in which we report some pretty obvious “news”.


I’ll let him slip with a warning this time.


You’re not going to believe this, then.
Hold on to your hat…

It…rained in Taipei yesterday!!!


Here it’s the SUB-tropics, as in SUB-ZERO!


Idiots are driving up there on summer tires and without snow chains.

From the picture you can tell some have some don’t.


I’m beginning to have serious doubts about your career prospects in the field of journalism.


How in the hell can a picture of snow get so much attention? Just bored?


You tell us, you the one that thought it was “news”



Well, I am looking forward to having some snow in Xindian again pretty soon, given this extreme weatger. At least Pinglin will get it.


Hey…that’s right by my office.

Now that’s news!


Are you a prostitute or a sushi chef?

Same thing, I suppose…



I own one of those closet sized stores that sells clothing that barely covers any human body parts.

Hm…same thing, I suppose…

I like to say office instead of store because it makes me sound important.


Do you offer discounts if I buy in bulk?


You got anything in a sleeveless capri Space Onesie???


Only sell to those with opposable thumbs…sorry guys. You might want to try those stores near Tong Hua Night Market. I hear you can buy in bulk AND have a nice line of exclusive sleeveless capri space onesies.