The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



You know Summer is here when they break out those mini shorts. Taiwan is a funny place sometimes, can’t show a nipple but bust out that ass not a problem.


Yeah…hey lady, them ain’t shorts, them is underwear with pockets…


This is something that always leaves me a bit confused as well. The first few months here in Taiwan were pretty tough on my hormones.


And you know there are pockets, because the pocket is actually sticking out below the bottom of the shorts.


…which is exactly the opposite as in teh ol country and most Latin America. So the clothes we use generate…a certain sensation here, not to say scandal, and we go “what?!” It is stuff 40, 50 heck even 60 year old women back home wear everyday…in cooler weather.

I find it more unconfortable sitting down -heck riding- in teh mtro with such skimpy covering. Nope nope.


Note to self: don’t google words like “culifalda” while at work. :flushed:


I did, of course. I also found this:

made me lol


If only all the results were so office-friendly.


Literally translates as ‘ass skirt’.
After looking at image search I think it’s an apt description.


Good. Now you guys know what happens to me when I Google certain terms never heard before you guys have used here.


Revenge is a dish best served in culifaldas. :grin:


Taipei forecast for the weeknd…read it and weep…



Just checked my app

‘38C, Feels like Amazon Jungle meets the Sahara’

Thanks Taipei !


26, that’s not so terrible?

Oh crap, hold on…


Saw the Milky Way very clearly and three planets at one time from Chingjing recently.

  • Not an actual picture of the milky way


That you get sexually aroused?


Projected high in Taipei City tomorrow (27 May 2018) is 38 degrees as per Today the high should be a mere 35.

Welcome to the new normal!



Quite unusual for Central / Northern Taiwan to be warmer than the South :sweat_smile:


Not sure if the heat is keeping away the rains or vice-versa. The south is looking pretty parched


Taipei City hit 38.2 degrees today–apparently the hottest recorded temperature in the city in May since records were kept starting in 1896: