The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Yes so it could have been the hottest day in May for hundreds or even thousands of years . Ponder that for a second folks.

Its okay though we’ve got a good plan in place.
We are going to reopen that coal station in Keeling and fire up the burners, we will have the aircons going at full blast and adding that sweet CO2 into the atmosphere as fast as we can!


I was wondering how the reservoirs are doing. I’m mildly surprised the northern ones have that much water in them - it’s seemed like a very dry spring.


The lack of meiyu is obviously contributing to the heat wave as it’s a dry air mass surrounding us.

This could be a big disaster for farmers and will be a tough year for water supplies. I saw the southern reservoirs aren’t in good shape.

Weatherman on TV keeps taking about the meiyu, put simply it was not forecast to come anytime soon.
Which could mean not at all this year?


Most reservoirs were completely full at the end of winter, there was a fuckton of rain before spring.


Sometimes I think water policy in Taiwan consists of “hope for big typhoons to help fill reservoirs.” Honestly I wished we’d do more to reduce usage and (in our favoured water-intensive industries) to really push for recycling water.



Amazing in May


Dunno about reservoirs but the little pond at the HTC park has receded quite a bit. Dust and cracked soil where there is no grass.


But it is very Balmy…or should that be “Barmy”?


I hope to tudigong they have contingency plans in place for this summer. We’re looking at no power and no water just for starters. Maybe a plague of killer wasps and rats just to spice things up.


Texas forecast. WTF is going on?


Could you translate those numbers for us non-Americans? i.e. is this considered hot for Texas?



38 to 42 degrees. Same as here in Taipei in summer.

It is way too hot everywhere. Even the ol country is seeing 33 degrees…at almost 2000 meters high valleys.

Moreover, they have seen thunderstorms so bad about a dozen people are dead, struck by lighting. Thus has happened more and more often in the cities, we do not have tall buildings.


It’s too hot for May in Texas. By July, these temps set it for around 2 months with no rain. I moved there from Florida where it rains everyday at 3pm for 15 min. West Texas is a desert, and really parts closer to Dallas should be a desert except that it’s been developed and watered.


These guys stole our cold and we want it back.




But their doggies ate so fluffy…we can’t be mad at them.

Mad Max is a pretty neat saga, I could take a climatic scenario like that.


I mean it is ridiculous. Imagine the sky is clear, or there is just slight rain and far away thunder. You are walking down say Zhongshiao East road when BAM! Fizz and you’re out…or rather on, like a candle.

It has happened in the past like cows in a field. People under trees. But now it is like Thor is drunk and throwing fits all around. Houses, cars, bus stops. No shelter.


Just another thing to worry about Icon :
Item 3024# do not stand near cows on Zhongxiao East Road on hot humid summer days


I am talking about winter in Central America. Or at least, “rainy season”. We used to have two seasons: rainy… and more rainy. Not anymore. But this lighting fest is really awful. I have never seen anything that close here. I bet they have lighting rods in Taipei buildings. We have whole buildings built from steel in baroque style.


Overcast. A bit windy. Will it freakin’ rain already (I never thought I’d be saying that living in Taiwan). Any bets? I say that it does rain. A bit different today.