The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Yeah but I bit it already.


OK now, THIS is friggin muggy


A veritable sauna you mean.


If you take away the nudidity and replace the soothing cedar aroma with the stench of rotting plant and animal matter, then, yeah.



its preferable to eating hot fruit though.


Time to rent a new place…or have a shower!


That’s outside in Zhonghe I’m talking about.


With your place out of the equation…then a shower is the only solution.



Is that, wait, yes, BLUE SKY and white clouds in Taipei? It is at the moment.


Apparently, it hasn’t just been freakishly hot in Taiwan.


UK was hottest ever May also.
The last few years have almost all seen record heat levels.
2016 was the hottest year ever.
2017 was the third hottest year ever.

Global warming deniers finding it hard to deny now walking around in sweaty underpants on their heads all day .

ECMWF, Copernicus Climate Change Service)

May 2018 ranked as the third-warmest May on record across the world’s land and ocean surfaces, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, operated by the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts


Ocean surface is worrisome as typhoons and hurricanes get bigger and stronger.



Although if a few volcanos blow we could head into a mini ice age


Way I see it we’re fucked. Short all your pork futures and party like there’s no tomorrow…because there is no tomorrow.


But I have to go to Computex tomorrow, there may be some meimei…can we postpone Armageddon please?


When I say tomorrow, I don’t really mean tomorrow. More like Tuesday week.

But put it this way, I wouldn’t bother with any more firmware upgrades.


No more Windows updates???

I love climate change now.


If only the Mei Mei over there actually spoke engrish