The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


I was hoping to purchase from you, because I so admire your talents as a fashion curator.


Xindian is a big area. Where exactly are the prostitute offices?


Any special KTV will do.

However, the guys were talking about the rain picture, which was taken at Five Trees University.


I see what you did there.





I don’t.


It was something taught to me by my fellow Taiwanese classmates, back in the day when I thought “hey, Linsen is quite close to work, and there are so many affordable taofangs. Maybe I should move there, sounds like a great place to live in”.


There are five trees in 林森, the name of the road in the photo.


And people often go there to seek enlightment and higher learning…


Especially Japanese seekers of truth. :wink:


That was in the past, I fear. Alas, it has been mostly replaced with posh boutique hotels, trendy expensive as hell apartments, and other eral estate monsters galore.


You sure that’s just not a front…?


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those posh boutique hotels were doing a brisk short-time business.


At those prices, it won’t be brisk!


Ahhh I thought those trees were mostly cut down or at least prunned.


I was under the impression that most Japanese guys are uncircumcised. :sunglasses:


Sunny with a high of 27 degrees next Tuesday. Wow, all four seasons in one week.


Taichung today is much like U.K. Summer weather.
Cold, raining and miserable.


Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun…sun!


The sun does feel hella good.

10 degree winds ain’t got nothing on my 5 layers though.