The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Mei guan xi, ah


With brilliant blue skies, it looked gorgeous earlier today, but sort of felt like this:


There’s some minor spinning in the ocean but nothing that looks likely to develop into a typhoon.
Many weather models are showing really heavy rain even in Southern Taiwan this week.


For those in Taipei City and environs, there’s apparently some pretty serious rain coming on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday per If there is some relief here, it’s that the highs on those days are set to be in the high 20s.

Don’t forget your umbrellas!



I’d gladly drown for temperatures like that.


Based on the forecast, you may get what you wish.



I’ll be sure and practice my breaststroke.


Nah, it’s too easy. :bikini:


Not when your breasts are udders.


Oh no he diiiiiin’t.


Don’t be uddily ridiculous…


Well, I suppose they do make good flotation devices. Milk is lighter than water, after all.




I prefer swimming in heavy metal-free water, thank you.


As long as you don’t need it to be acid-free, you should be safe here. :whistle:



will begin to impact Taiwan and it is expected to last until June 19

Thank goodness. Just in time for work after the long weekend.


So I got a flight on Monday, hope I can get out.

And while I’m no stickler on proper grammar or spelling, this spelling mistake is beginning to get on my withers. I’ve seen this spelling mistake in multiple stories lately from Taiwan News online.

Wu said that starting today, Taiwan will see severe weather, including lighting,


Well, they’re not wrong. The weather here most days involves lighting. Usually shortly before sunrise, I’ve found.


I feel your pain.