The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Anyone coming to Xindian for Dragon Boat races? Dunno if they are on today or is it tomorrow?


Taipei, partial cloud but sunny, and good wind.
I’m watching taipei race.

@Icon, if you mean this, it was in May.


I think there is some stuff this afternoon, there was nothing yesterday so assume there will be more tomorrow. Bring your factor 50 as the UV is off the scale at the moment. Doesn’t seem to have been (well) advertised at all.


By contrast we got 23 daytime and 13 nights and sunny and clear but windy in the east bay


Yep. Just checked it out. Usually our NCCU team competed in Bitan. Nothing here but duck boats.

Seems the main event is in Dajia park. Don’t wanna go there if our team does not compete and can’t find it on the list. Oh well.

SPF 50 already slapped on. Hat and glasses. But I am wearing a summer itsy bitsy beach onesie. Think I’ll change and go to the movies instead. Air conditioner is also a escape from the heat.


Oh OK, seems like nothing this year so! Heard Dazhi was a big event, likely big traffic headaches too


Down-pouring :cloud_with_rain: like a banshee here in harbor-ville.


Heavy storms warning on TV for the South, up to Yunlin and Taichung. Green Island and Orchid Island also under alert.


As long as I can ride bicycle and be dry here in Taipei…


Jeez, overcast and grey, hot, and sticky grossly humid.

If only there was a word to describe this kind of weather…


I know! I know! Does it start with a ‘b’ and end with ‘almy’?



Probably not.

“Balmy” from “balm”, a soothing, healing, comforting application.

adjective, balm·i·er, balm·i·est.
mild and refreshing; soft; soothing:
balmy weather.

This would be something else.




This may be a good idea for a new product.



Gosh is that depressive here in the south. Today day 4 with almost nonstop rain …
At least it has cooled down quite a bit and luckily still no flooding yet.


Hope at least this has helped to fill up some of the reservoirs in the south.

I also hope the heavy rain hasn’t messed up the mango crop. They’ve been really good this year!



There are many parts down south that are getting flooded. For example, in Pingtung, a university had to call classes off because the water started rising.


Muggy as fuck.



Is that like KY jelly for Kiwi shepherds?