The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018




Scrote deodorant.

ETA: Like YGZ says…


Didn’t know the sheep had such a keen sense of smell.


Are you familiar with the expression
“Don’t poke @the_bear”???


We treat our ewes right.


oh my gosh… is that blue sky I see above Harbortown? (knock on wood)

I think we just might have to go out scooter riding today somewhere.


I received an alert text of heavy rain. Anyone else?


Nice sunset down south here. Yippee. Not seen sun in days…


It’s gone bonkers up here in Xiangshan.


Where do you live?


This is biblical. I think I saw a twisty-turny thing in the sky.


Southern Taipei. There was thunder and rain above me, and sunset sky western direction.

But, I had an umbrella.


Oh oh. I am still on the way home. Hope my pets are not scared.

Before I got in the MRT people were taking pictures of something in the sky…


I got the rain alert message as well. Some drizzle do jizzle in yilan, nothing out of our ordinary so far.


Is there any rain out there now? I have to ride a few kms to Southern Greater Taipei and don’t want to get wet…


The weather forecast keeps warning 80% rain. It is not that bad…yet.


The Sky over Yilan rn.


And the moneyshot


Forecast says 10% rain for Hsinchu, but we had a very strong and short shower an hour ago. Suprisingly, the sun comes out from time to time.


So AC is still broken in the living room. I am trying to watch tv but even with the fan on, it feels like I am on top of a stove, waves coming up. TV says it is 30 degrees in Taroko, 29 in Tamsui. That makes me look at the cellphone app: 35 degrees in Xindian.

We are in trouble, folks.