The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


You picked the wrong end of Taiwan to live. :sunglasses:
Down here is nice.
Went out for jog around 530pm and sweat was so-so.
Days are hot (a few C’s cooler than up north), but dry air, not sticky humid air.


33ºC when I got home. This afternoon I rode my motorcycle in Taipei and everything irradiated heat. After work it wasn’t much better. Actually it was kinda worse because of one of the worst traffic jams I’ve ever experienced. It was ridiculous. The government needs to set some limitations on the size of cars people can buy.

I arrived home. My room was 33.1ºC. Any small effort in the room made me sweat.


CWB says 31 to 32.6 in Taipei. App says 35 with Real Feel of 38. My poor kittens!


You will get home and be welcomed by attention demanding wet pussies.

I feel envy now.


Why would they be wet?


Hot -> sweated.


Irritable > wet


So Korea is going through an awful heat wave with at least 5 dead so far. Japan is also suffering from the double whammy of flood aftermath and heat. Taiwan is holding up 33 to 35 degrees in northern areas. In summary, puff!!!

No running water, no shelter, no wya to clean up in this heat.

EDIT: Korea will stay hot until August


Awful heatwave in Japan. Is it likely to have the same phenomenon here?

Saddest of all:


I would think not. It is the middle of July, after all. July is famous for the heat (in the Northern hemisphere). And we are in the subtropics, too.


Great lightning storm down here now.
Dark dark clouds.


Japan is really hot right now.


That is . . . . not good.



Europe does not look good either.


What do you mean not good? Think of the plus side. You can fry up a snack wherever you are.


Global warming anyone?


Absolutely no good if you are working outside, or poor, or otherwise vulnerable. I am absolutely grateful to have a roof over my head and access to air conditioning!



Here comes the rain!

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan


Last night here were monsoon-like rains.
Now all blue skies.


Here comes the rain, for Round Two!

Once again: Taipei City, Gongguan