The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



I got 35 with Real Feel 41, downtown Taipei. I believe youirs is more accurate. I was having lunch and did not want to leave the awesome freshness of the air conditiined restaurant.


I’m tracking more with humidity as a feeling of heat.

This afternoon in the sun 55% humidity at 35 degrees I didn’t feel extremely hot.

Now it’s 74% humidity 31 degrees and I feel hot and getting worse.

Now looking for a good humidity forecast in addition to a temperature forecast.


Next week we could break some records. Forecasted 37 so I’m thinking 39. I’m wearing shorts to the office.


Today was a really hot day. I hate summer. Bugs and sickness and sweat and humidity. Non stop pain.

While watching the eclipse, I was attacked by those nasty little black mosquito with bites that feel like daggers. The giant wasps are back and I am terrified they will sting any of my pets. No sight of the giant spiders yet but I have seen plenty of smaller ones. For safety I do not venture to the balcony at night. If I do not have clean underwear then I wear disposable ones rather than get one from outside.

To make matters worse, I have been stricken by some stomach virus and have spent my weekend reenacting that famous pea soup scene from The Exorcist. Doctor says in summer food spoils real quickly and stomach virus get going around by people who do not wash their hands properly. Thanks doc, those mental images help my stomach calm down so much.


Haven’t heard much of that now but a few months ago.


Goodness, Icon, please take care!



Sounds like a science fiction horror movie.


Should have taken a picture of the giant wasps. They are as big as my toe. Friggin spiders are as big as my hand. Syfy movie indeed. Are you sure radiation is not involved?


Thanks. It is really uncomfortable. And for me it is really scary as it is the peritonitis incident deja vu all over again.


Yikes! That sounds terrible. I hope you’re better soon.



My app is saying it is going to be 38 degrees for tomorrow. There are temperature alerts all over the tv news, especially in the East coast, from Taitung up to Hualien and even Yilan.

Not good.


Please take care as this heat wave will continue for 3 days. That means temps of 36 up. Real Feel now 40 degrees.




I am sleping in the living room because it is the only AC working in the house. No way Jose living in this heat.


Why right before the weekend before some outdoor activities planned for the morning tomorrow? The rain is definitely needed, but it’s coming down hard and I wonder about the accuracy of the forecast of dryness for later tonight and tomorrow morning.


nice and fresh rain in Yilan too, neat!


45 degrees in Portugal and Spain. Not year breaking all high record of 48 in Athens a few years back but getting there. Heat wave all over Europe with temperatures up to 10 degrees higher than usual for this time of the year.

Meanwhile in Taipei holding steady with 34 to 35 degrees with Real Feel of 40. I cannot imagine what can happen it it gets even hotter here.



Trying to do some housework here.


Are you assuming there are humans in Arizona?

That’s s hot take, m8.

Hot. HA.