The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Dunno. Got a pal in Phoenix. He says the city is pretty…hot.


Broke 36 degrees in Taipei.


Big difference in comfort level between 33 and 40.


Mine says 36 and 42. Comfort level is zero.


Just was at 西子灣 with the family walking around.
30C, feels like 33C the weather app says.
Very nice down here in comparison to the north.
5m/s slight dry wind…


Love that “ comfort level zero “ :smirk:. I wonder on the comfort level, if “ balmy” is at 10. :joy:?


One of the worst downpours / lightning I have seen in Taiwan . Taichung visibility a few hundred yards and big lightning . Mummy :astonished:


Coming down hard in Taipei. It can’t last.


My poor, poor pets. My cats must have become puffed balls.


Can´t see a thing outside. Our lovely windows have become all misty…blurred, steamy. Outside must be like a sauna.


Partly cloudy, mostly sunny on my way back from the gym in Hsinchu just now. Not a lot of breeze. Very humid.


I’m going home in T minus 30. This rain had better’ve stopped or there’ll be trouble. :rage::rage::rage:


Section 3 fellas can’t hack a little rain eh?


Just came home from dinner and the sky over the mountains east of Hsinchu is very, very dark. Air’s a bit cooler, too. Probably have some serious rain this evening.


It’s evening, for sure skies are dark.


One of the things I miss in Taiwan those incredible thunderstorms !!!

Wouldn’t want to be flying in it or out in the open of course but those strikes near you and the rain and shattering house shuddering thunder

They say if you heard the thunder you are still


And you should unplug electric devices because electricity can come through




Fixed that!


3 dead already down South in this storm. Please take care, lots of flooding.

Rain moving up north. Take precautions. Heavy wind and rain.


These past days there were moments with strong winds. It annoys me in several ways, it’s driving me crazy. Also in general, maybe because I pay too much to it, I start to think that these months/years are more windy than in the past… and I even was going to ask here if it’s me or if it’s actually happening.

Freaking wind, can’t stand it.