The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



OK, it’s officially unbearable.
Last night I saw one of the Nigerian dudes in my neighborhood walking down the road and he’s mopping his face with his hankie.


Really bad flooding down South. So bad people can’t go out to eat, no power, no water, and have resorted to eating the foodstuffs originally intended for the pudu festival baibai.

Worse still yet to come. Max expected in Kaohsiung is 500mm of rain, Taichung 200mm. Taipei will see 150mm.


Been very heavy rain in Taichung . Miserable


Crap, my youngest is heading down there on Monday, is it expected to continue??


Looks like thunderstorms this weekend and rain all next week … ground already saturated and parts flooded but not as bad as the South . I would check first . I’m in the centre and things moving . Could be major flooding if this carries on though… I will post on Sunday conditions. Everywhere holiday today


Doesn’t sound like much fun


Guys storm is moving north and getting stronger:

They are comparing this storm with Morakot.

The CWB says anywhere it falls it will be catastrophic.


Tell me about it. Buy a convertible …it will be fun they said :roll_eyes:


So it’s going to rain in the North? Actually I have mixed feelings about it…


Fun for about 18 hours a year.


Good god, please no. That was brutal for folks in the south. : (



It gets worse. Starting tonight, 4 more days of heavy rain, both in South and Central Taiwan. More flooding obviously.


We have survived again another apocalypse that only happened in Forumosa :smiley:


Ha, the north has so many advantages …:sunglasses:


Someday I hope you get a tv so you will see a bit beyond your window.

I am not asking you to travel down South to see the damage yourself as it would be problematic but anyways it ain’t over. Water ain’t coming down and it will rain more.


I meant that again you guys were talking about terrible things that were going to happen (in Taipei) which didn’t. Again :slight_smile:


We did mention that the worst part was Taichung to Kaohsiung. There are people on this forum who do not live in Taipei. It will also rain in Taipei though the consequences won’t be as bad.


OMG!!! What’s the dead toll so far in Taichung???