The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Yet you are posting here. : P



From my phone


endless rain until wednesday up here in the north…lots of the main streets super flooded in taipei.


Entertained. Better than Geostorm which I stop when Daniel Wu buys the farm.


Ok, 3 French guys and their cute little black dog got stuck in the middle of a river while exploring a waterfall. All rescued safely after several hours.

This is why we tell you not to go river tracking or surfing in this kind of pre, post or during typhoons weather. You end up on the cover of Apple Daily and we get to see your wet underwear derriere or lack thereof on tv. On heavy rotation.

Endangering their pet will not endear them to the animal rescue circles.


Wow I didn’t know there were even three , count em, three frenchies in Taiwan.

Knowing icon she would spot em


Poor doggie strapped to a guy’s back being both pulled over to shore deep in muddy waters. Very scary.


Zhongshiao Fuxing having Nari flashbacks. Waves instead of road. They say it is because a sewer was stuck with garbage.

Daan Park and close to Taipei City Hall flooded.

Keelung heavy dangerous floods. Watch out in traffic.

Banciao, Yonghe in trouble too.

And rain will continue…


looks like the north is feeling what the south felt like a few weeks ago. finally, in a sad way, they have common (wet) ground


Well Tainan is still suffering. Lots of sinkhole, which makes safety more of an issue.


sinkholes in K-town, too.


Good grief ! But at least all the reservoirs should be full.


Remember there’s a website for that:

But I’m not entirely sure what it means because I’m not sure what reservoirs are the most important.


on the bright side, it’s not hot today. it’s almost comfortable if you’ve got good raingear.


Cool breeze through the window, haven’t had that in a while.


Yeah I’ve got my windows open today and no AC running…in the late afternoon. A pretty sure sign that “fall” (i.e. the 3-4 weeks of tolerable weather before it becomes wretched cold wetness) is coming.


Heh I appreciate this sentiment.

Lovely in Tainan today to be fair, little overcast, nice breeze, I might even go outside before sundown.


Y’all enjoy that lovely outdoor air-con this morning in Taipei ?


Mornings around 5:30 AM are always nice!


Where? I live in Xindian and as soon as the sun is out, the oven is full blast. The sun hits your face like a baseball bat. Feels like that scene in Knowing.

But today, yeah, for one day, temperature was just right.