The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Wow, very pre-typhoony out there.
I can read signs like 3 blocks away, friggin amazing.

Now, today, you could conceivably get a sunburn.


Dramatic billowy clouds moving briskly across the sky.

Clearly we are on the edge of something.

Location: Xinyi-Anhe, Taipei City


Forecast of 90% rain for up North tonight.

Tomorrow 70%.

So we may not have typhoon but we will have some rain.


Cheers all - it’s the first comfortable sunny day of fall! Looking at the week ahead, I think to myself, wow, I may be willing to go for bike rides in the middle of the day, rather than setting out in the early morning.


A magnificent day in Taipei City. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!



Lovely breeze outside, clear skies, warm not burning sun…

Currently 30 degrees or so, with drop to 19 expected in the evening.


It is beautiful weather today! We had a group lunch, and I really wanted to keep driving my scooter around Taiwan instead of coming back the office. REally difficult to make my scooter return to the office. :frowning:


Which blanket did you buy? Remember the brand/model name?


It is 6 pet on bed weather all right, but only one under the covers, so it is not that bad. Bobby is wearing a light t-shirt. Long sleeves for me.

Not daring to do the closet change of seasons just yet, though.


some flooded areas around here, I’ve seen some roads underwater. It’s not raining very hard, but it just doesn’t stop.


Not as bad as Central America, though. There are floods all the way down from Honduras to Panama. Two months of rain in one day…


What? It’s beginning of October.


Ask them. I was also hoping to enjoy the bed to myself a while longer. Alas, I sleep pinned in a fraction less than half the bed…


King size?


You found your Mr. Right ? :kissing_heart:


Are you assuming Right’s gender?


I don’t need to …all these Years of seeing Icon and her Posts of sexy Men . Less words , point made, without having to revert to all those meaningless Pronouns


Alas, I wonder how married people, heck married people with children manage. I remember the pile ups of my brothers and sister and me on the family bed. Yep, back to the beginning.

Normal twin size bed. Double the pets.


Please do not forget in Spanish we give gender to people and things. Adjetives and verbs change depending if you, the one talking, is talking about themselves and are a female or a male. And is referring to a male or female. Someone tried to be gender neutral for a while and the Real Academia promptly send them to el carajo.