The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018




The gender for things is ‘it’!
But if you’re in love with your boat it can be a she.


why did you people name that part of a boat after the name of a restaurant? so odd…

anyway, will anyone tomorrow wait in line for the 10/10 bag in Taipei? i want one but cannot go 8(


They still celebrate a KMT holiday?


a holiday is a holiday!


Anyone dare say “happy Taiwan birthday” in my hearing, well, they just better not. :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


That’s the odd thing, a weather report for a non-national holiday! Taiwan has non!


Actually, this year, you have to go on a scavanger hunt for special seals to be stamped on a little booklet. Get a bag with 10 of those.


So, I am supposed to write a little ad saying tomorrow is a holiday, we are not here, leave a message. Now, Christmas or New Year we say “Wishing our readers a happy … whatever”. Eh, what do I say for tomorrow?

@the_bear better not follow us on FB. Counted 20 Happy B-day Taiwan so far…


Day off due to a non-national holiday! Have a nice non-national holiday!


Wishing our readers double fun on Double Ten!


My boss would love that one. My cool coworker would impale me with a chair for that pun. It is hard working with a milenial.


Whaaaat! Did you do a course ‘creative writing’? Copywriter?


We all know the answer: just ask K-Man, I’m sure he’ll have some dodgy ace up his sleeves.


I learned from Taiwan’s best English editors…


Happy National Day of the Republic of China


Why has the PRC a ++ day?


Yep, seems ROC is not kosher no mo.


WTF does that even mean???


I’ve been thinking the same for about the last 30 posts.