The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



I swear, sometimes I’m sure somebody is sitting over there just hucking a friggin basketball at the keyboard…


Icon has like 7 dogs and 26 cats, the odds of one of her pets having a walk on the keyboard are pretty high, give her some slack.


Are you underestimating her pets’ typing skills?


Eh let me try again:

Referring to the Republic of China is not considered a cool/kosher/modern thing to do these days.

'BTW my first attempt at the holiday ad also bounced badly.


I bet ya they write better than I do. :crazy_face:


you should have not used a pic of Mao in the background


Just think what you could accomplish if you had a monkey. :grin:


So…you’re, what, applying for the job?


I think you just failed your assessment test.


Boy I stepped in it today.

I started talking with my coworkers about it being a weird birthday of nowhere really. Not of Taiwan and not of China.
As usual Taiwanese in a group were afraid to voice an opinion .

I quickly moved on to ‘oh look at the flags over there’!
‘Isn’t it great to have a day off’ !

And it is great to have a day off ! Burp.


TBH it was the weirdest Double Ten ad I have ever written. I would not be surprised if I have to take it down or get complaints but it us hard to please everyone.


My new weather predictor. If I decide to use the scooter to go to the supermarket, it is a pretty sure sign of imminent rainfall. Every time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did it show a double pink line?


New scooter…only lines are those scratches when people scrape it , attempting to squeeze in to an impossible gap , whilst “parking” their scooters :sleepy:


Name scooter Murphy.


Better than getting scratches on your supercar.


I call her “Icon” :kissing_heart:


Did you just assume your scooter’s gender?


I’d be more concerned about the fact he called “Icon” something he rides everyday x___X

shiadoa will never be part of the Supreme Court: confirmed


Better get Ronan Farrow on the story!