The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



90% chance rain tonight and tomorrow… oh, and another cold front coming up. We´ve already had like 3 or 4. Like we had 3 or 4 days of autumm.


I’ve seen the sun for a couple of hours today in Yilan, we’re good until March.


Bring it on.


Normally we have the someone is fighting for control of the weather switch situation, where we have sun then rain then sun then cold then hail then scorching hot sunshine… etc. But this year they kinda left the lever down in cold and rain.

BTW, my pal in Minnesotta tells me it´s already snowing there.


It’s sunny from Saturday on…


Don’t keep us in suspense…where?




There’s some rare blue stuff covering the entire sky in Taipei today.


Northern Taiwan…do a bunch of laundry while you can!


Is it me or it is getting really cold lately? I am covered by 4 cats and have the dog in my armpit. And cats keep coming…


Last night was apparently the coolest so far in north Taiwan this year.

And I like it!



It’s you. It’s getting slightly less warm. I like the sunny clear skies though.


Want to go to the beach…

How’s the weather looking next weekend?


I’ve been hearing rumors of a typhoon coming this week. I hope it won’t affect the Boat Burning Festival in Donggang this weekend.


This is December weather in teh old country. Really sunny, really cool to cold and windy.


Well, folks. I have put on my first long sleeved shirt of the season.

Big sigh.


I already changed my closet from summer to autumm. Still holding out for one or two winter tigers before taking out the thermal underwear.


Wore a fleece jacket for the first time this year. Zipped it up to my neck when I came out of the gym. A very light one, but still.

Just a matter of time before our building’s natural heat sink is depleted and we have to turn on some heat around here.


I’ve been spray painting!


It has been 5 cats and a dog weather since last month.


a good start of the day. The area where I live is now a swimming pool. If the rain keep going like this all day we may have traffic problems, the water in many creeks is nearly at road level. I didn’t go to see Yilan river but it should look cool.
Going to the bus station felt like diving, rather than cycling.