The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Maybe the river will go to you.

I’m not sure which one is “Yilan river” but if it’s that surface near num. 7 covered in stones and watermelons I think I never saw it with water.


The water from Yilan river is used for farming,this also keeps its water level under control. During typhoons or heavy rain it becomes a massive wall of water, it’s a beauty!


Funny fact: Yilan land is sinking, or I heard so.

So this is Yilan river, right?,121.5572278,14.25z


That’s him!

Sinking is a cool way to go, as long as you can pull of a Terminator 2 thumb up moment.



The problem is related to farming practices in Yilan. They take a lot of water from rivers and even the sea for their crops and their fish and shrimps farms… and the ground level goes down.


Don’t they also take the hot springs water to grow those lovely giant green onions? And the red-fleshed guavas that smell so divine?

Wouldn’t mind living in Yilan but then I remember how it’s very earthquakey and floody…


Yes, and that, how could I have forgotten that one… shame on me.

I like Yilan but I guess it can get boring pretty fast.


earthquakes aren’t really a huge issue here, they’re relatively frequent but very deep underground or far in the mountain in Datong or Hualien. last year we had a 6.2 from turtle island and at home i barely noticed it.
The rain season can be a bit painful though.


Jan 1 to Dec 31, it’s one of the longer rainy seasons.


I always have a laugh when I see tourism campaigns for Yilan with sunny, blue skies. That’s like 3 days during Summer.

Edit: with the exception of Taiping mountain, it has its own climate. Sometimes it’s snowing there while it’s sunny at sea level, sometimes we’re drowning next to the sea and Taiping mountain has a sudden rush of Summer. I went there last weekend and the weather was amazing. No idea how it works, must be some illuminati bullshit.



dafuq, is having an aneurysm or what?


Tchaj-wan is much better than Pintung anyways.


Tchaj-wan? Isn’t that how they pronounce it on CNN? Like JJJJeeee Jin-ping or Beijjjjjjing.


Pingdung, pingtung…cha bu duo la…

But Tchaj-wan, wtf?_?


It’s like when you go to a shop asking for a cup and the tell you that they just run out of them but they have something much much better than cups: pens.


No. No it’s not like that.


What then.


It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.


A spoon can be filed into a perfectly good shiv.


It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay.