The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Your teeth can also function as a perfectly good strainer.


It’s like winning the lottery and dying the next day.


Your offspring will worship you as a venerated ancestor.




Bravura performance by @the_bear!

Now if only this wretched rain would stop…



The thing is it is not rain, it is what we call in the ol country cat hair. It is non stop drizzle.

It is snuggle in the covers with a cuppa hot chai weather, not Friday original writing with Monday deadline kind of weather.


Hey, that’s kind of like how we call it 毛毛雨 here.

Hairy rain…worst kind of rain. Blows all over the damn place.


Big waves Baishawan Beach


That place looks nice… I don’t think I know it unless it’s been refurbished. Baishawan you said?


From inside Dazzler’s Fish & Chips at Baishawan


They did warn there were 4 meter waves already… and getting worse. That and strong gusts of wind should discourage walking on the beach… unless you want to meet your Maker.

So stay in, have a beer or two, and watch the waves from afar in the warm confort of a cozy pub.




I see what you did here, Alanis


Weather is so so around Taipei… Looking forward some beach time.


Is that white thing floating in the air today going to kill us?


I found highly suspicious the “mist” and smell this morning… And I just saw this:


Another plane gone down?


Looks like a fire. Any update or news?



It’s a fire and the pollution level is likely to decrease tonight, though it won’t be good like before Tuesday (excl. KH) as the wind will bring pollutants from China.