The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Sunshine where art thou.


South Taiwan looking attractive


Sunny day in Taipei!


Great weather in Yilan as well, sunny and fresh!


How’s the air quality?

I have been knocked down with the mother of all colds for 3 days, sleeping through this lovely weather…


You’re not the only one. A friend just told me yesterday he was put down by some cold or flu or whatever. And last week other people were sick too, so I’m guessing there’s something either viral or gross in the air that makes us all feel like shit. Just like night market food.


It felt good in Yilan. According to the live map, the north of Taiwan is mostly green or low-yellow, so pretty decent.

West and south-west are pretty bad as usual.


A MINOR weather change. I don’t know how many degrees the temperature dropped from yesterday, but 0 sun+ light rain + wind from the north(ish) make it feel like a different season.


Not only today’s weather sucks, but yesterday night when I went to bed my room was pretty warm (I almost turn on the AC for that reason), but during the night I started to miss the blanket…


AC on whole night last night


Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

Gray day in Taipei today


Looking up next few days. Last chance to tan.


So basically, light jacket in the mornings and shorts in the afternoons. Kind of like California weather. I definitely like that.


Is the North Coast Baishawan beach open still?


With this dry weather, yes, kind of relaxing gear.

Even though ther eis nice weather, the zig zaw temperatures have half the office is sick and the other half coughing like a tuberculosis sanitarium.


As long as you’re really not sick, there’s an easy remedy for anyone coughing right now: head to the park with a novel after around 10:30 am and sit in the sun. And leave the umbrella at home!


It’s open. Not sure about swimming.


I do not think we can afford half the office to leave at 10:30 am!


The weather is pretty good now… even if the air is a bit colder. I wouldn’t mind to go to the coast this weekend.


Forumosa Xmas Party, Waiao, Sunday 1 pm.

Let’s do it.