The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


starting a fire you say? i bought my gf one immediately after getting mine i was so impressed with it. first thing her family says is its dangerous and might catch fire…


yeh… those loco locals really love their fire-creating space-heaters, ha ha.


yea, that was also the reason they don’t use a heater. ontop of the electricity cost…but its fine to run the AC 24/7 in summer.


I just noticed that I missed 23 comments about the weather.

Luckily, I’m caught up now. Wait, no, I think I’m 2 behind already.


What sort of appliances catch on fire? I don’t get this at all.

I have a nice little floor standing Panasonic heater. Love it!



There was a Panasonic recall. Check my post with the picture of which models.

Space heaters and dehumidifier from several brands tend to start fires, either through factory problems or misuse.


Hmmm! Well mine has worked smoothly for over 12 years without any incidents. I guess I got lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:



And: the awesome Icon’s list, posted on forumosa in 2010, about recalls:

The following [Panasonic] models, built between 2004 and 2007, have problems, so, total recall:


機種名[color=#FF0000]models affected[/color]




免付費客服專線 0800-580-785 [color=#FF0000]service number[/color]
受理時間 07:00~23:00(4月4日止 毎日)
台灣松下電器網站: [color=#FF0000]website for details[/color]

No receipt necessary.


what style of heaters are those?


It is as not much as the style but rather the model. I have the same style but different model. No problem.

They are the ubiquitous ceramic heaters. They look like this but they do not make them anymore.


Wait until you wake up toasted!

Just saying it’s not only overloaded space heaters/cables that catch fire.


Dehumidifiers are basically small aircons, they have a cooling element that condenses the water that’s sucked through, if it’s too cold and humid that [the cooling element] will block and make the compressor work overtime and has a change of overheating.


Just use the reverse aircon for heating, it’s a heat pump and the only thing probably able to catch fire is outside.


Problem is affording a dual AC or even being able to install one if you live in a rental. Sigh.

I think coil oil heaters are OKish. Had a great Japanese one. Alas, my home electric system cannot stand it anymore. Connecting it means blowing a fuse … or all.


That’s funny . I have 2 German DBK oil filled radiators, 600 and 900w settings which blow fuses if 900w setting used


And that is why the oil heater is in the closet. Nowadays I turn on the dehumidifier first, and when ready to sleep, switch it off and set the heater for 4 hours. If it gets too cold, I just get up and set it a couple of hours more. Daytime we just add more clothes on and persevere.

Right now I have two cats digging under my arm and under the covers, one on my pillow, one on my chest, one on me tummy, the dog at my feet. One idjit is for some reason fascinated with the opening and closing of the dehumidifier.


I think most homes only get 50-75 A connection. There is one at 30 A for the aircon, the rest is 10-15-20 A, and that’s almost for the entire home. I had a problem with the coffee machine, toaster oven and the dryer as they were on one line. So I had to toggle.


Kerosene heaters!

Propane Heater:


Eh not with pets!


And I love to live so pleasantly, Live this life of luxury, Lazing on a sunny afternoon.