The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Damn it, I know you speak like 40 languages and shit, but even so, you can’t just go friggin making words up!!


I’m in. xD


That’s Ayapaneco you ignorant overgrown rat.


man it is a typo. You should be use dto my typos here. I must write quickly before the boss catches me doing something other than my job!


Teh Typos.


I meant tomorrow and Sunday. But I stepped out just now for some coffee. Wow. Perfect weather.


Huh. I’ve honestly wondered if Icon has auto-correct set up to deliberately change “the” to “teh”, just to mess with us. I guess not.


Wtf is this temperature.

Wtf is this sun.

My body was getting ready for the eternal rainy darkness. I’m not ready for this.


Yeah, loving this weather.


December 1st and I was actually thinking about hitting the beach…the only downside is despite the springlike temperatures the daylight hours are still sadly short.


this has to be the best December weather I’ve seen in my 6 years in Taiwan. Papaya farmers in Yilan are having a blast.

On a side note: while on the highway I’ve seen an absolutely massive falcon resting on a road light and staring down at the traffic ad if incoming vehicles were potential prey. It was so majestic, I wish I had the time to take a photo.


This is the best December weather in my 15 yrs on the rock


I’m in taipei for work today and it’s a bit cloudy now, but until 10.30 in Yilan there wasn’t a single cloud, it’s been like that for almost a week even at night. And even before that the weather in November has been much more reasonable then usual.

If i didn’t have to come to taipei I would have probably spent the morning at the seaside


It would be nice for summer weather, but this is supposed to be winter. I would much more prefer some cold (or at least cool) sunny days.


Cold and sunny with dry air would be ideal, but considering that the realistic alternative to our current weather is that it will start raining and won’t stop until february or march…I think we should enjoy this while it lasts.

During the weekend I was in Hsinchu for work and we were very close to 30C, then when some players went back home in kaohsiung/pingdong they shared some photos of rain, apparently there was a shower somewhere. Oh the sweet taste of revenge…oh the justice of payback…


It was blistering in Taipei. I was at that dog event in front of the Presidential Office, and the poor dogs were all panting their tongues off. I even saw one with heat stroke.


10c here in the east bay and 30c in Taipei


Rub it in, Bay Area boy…


I saw a falcon, or an eagle, or whatever that flying fucker was, making circles over the presidential office. Weird but cool.


Freaky, few typhoons in 2018, blue sky warm in December, better enjoy, and hope next year continues the trend.