The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Trade cha

I like 30c but I don’t like no rain and forest fires


In that case, you should be living in Taichung. What’s your excuse?


I’m in exile in california


Given recent developments, that may have been a vulture!



Probably a new commie drone


First year I was here, it never went below 25°C all through Nov and Dec, and about midnight Christmas Eve it plummeted to like 13. My roommates were all gone home and nobody had told me about winter in Taipei.

I thought the world was ending.


You can come over any time you like.


But I can’t stay and that’s why I don’t bother going cuz I hate to leave.


Sure you can. Get a job teaching English, stay five years, get permanent residence.


Well my plan was to marry a Taiwanese girl but that didn’t work out…maybe I should live in indo as it’s closer to Taiwan

Now what can I do in Bali ?


Sell tacky jewelry to tourists.


Nothing gold can stay…


It’s always a trade-off. You want low temps? Here, have some drizzle.


Personally I would rather extend summer a bit longer.


Six months of summer isn’t enough for you?!?


I didn’t have time for doing all the stuff I wanted.


small plot of land , you can rear Crickets. Pays 50,000USD a year.


Added bonus: all the crickets you can eat!


Giant goose down jackets and ski jackets all over today. And I’m out here with t shirt and shorts.


Oh you are one of those. I hate you! I am freezing my butt!

I have a coworker who feels hot in this weather. Actually they turn off the air conditioning which means no air circulation. That is great for the viruses spread through the constant coughing.