The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


The dangers of cold front weather: lots of elderly and people with heart conditions can’t take it.


Do you prefer one of these?


Hell no. I almost became BBQ because of one of those!

My dream is a dual function AC or -dreams have no limit- a heated floor.


These trees have no idea what is in store for them next week. They should have learned their lesson by now.


Oh, pretty flowers.

A couple of years ago this date we had snow in Xindian… so Google tells me. So yes, expect cold and rain…


Across the road from our place there are like 5 trees flowering and people line up to take pictures with their 'smart’phone.


We have several cherry trees, real cherry trees in our area. Definetively worth a couple of pics.

Right now it is plum flowering season down South, gorgeous views.


Woke up at 3.30 for work ( -_-), went outside: Yilan is surrounded by clouds, but right in top of us the sky is so clear that I could see the milky way reflected on some rice fields. I hope Wednesday the sky will look like today, there’s some dodgy moon thing going on.

On a side note: the homeless dogs who live in the bus station crossed the road while I was around there. One of them came to me waving his tail with a:" do you have a cookie? 8( " face.



I have never seen the Milky Way in Taiwan. In the old country, it is a nightly occurrence.


On the mountains it’s easy to see it. From my balcony I think I see it on average 3 or 4 times a year, but I dont check everyday. I live in an area with low light pollution, so once the clouds clear up I get some nice night skies.


Yes, the Milky Way is visible if you can stay away from the city lights

And this Wednesday evening, around 9:30 PM

there will be …

Hope the skies will be clear


It’s an eclipse during which we can see the moon. A fake eclipse. Basically we’re being scammed, gg.

Wtf is this weather on the west coast, it’s trash.


true… one has to get away from all major cities and towns in Taiwan to see the galaxy.
I remember those clear nights in Li-Shan (Taichung) when the road over to Taroko Gorge was open many, many, many moons ago.


Here, I’ll help you



Last time I saw those was in Tianmu.


Was it at that little shop next to the Texas chicken or bbq shop near the American school?


Coldest/gloomiest week of the winter coming up?


That’s cheered me up.:grinning:


Yep. Heading up to CNY. Normal.

Next weekend it is forecats to be 8 degrees up North. Now, if we now have a Real Feel of 7 while the thermometer says 12, how cold will we feel then?

I have a big problem as I have a new kitten -the tar covered one, now practically clean. But he lost most of his fur. He is wearing clothing but he is in a separate room by himself and it is hard to keep him warm -I do not leave the heater on while I am at work. Got him a heating pad and I left it unplugged but hot in his crate. He already has a cold and i do not want him to get worse in this weather.


Hate it, hate all the CNY’s I went through over the years I’m in Taiwan, never had the chance skipping it and leaving the island for warmer pastures.