The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019





There is sun now. Look out your window!


Nope. Not a single ray of light here, between nangang and Xinyi.


You mean somewhere beyond that thick of clouds?


No sun at 101. And no rain at this precise moment.


Bit of rain now.


Lot of rain now. Def-Con 4.


Taiwan is the rain magnet today.

Two hours away sunshine and 28 degrees.


Warm winter, eh?


This is the kind of thing that makes me lose faith in CWB. They predict 15 to 16 degrees all day tomorrow, maybe 70 to 50% of chance of rain.

Oh and it is 100% chance of rain again tonight.


And a couple miles from Xin-yi, Nangang is pouring like crazy.


Don’t worry, you just have to wait until tomorrow for your next “”“sunlight”"".


Some kind of sun looking thingies predicted for next 2 days.


Aaaaand we work on Saturday. I guess we should do something about it.


We might see some snow in Yushan today. Friggin warm winter.

Lows of 12 for tonight, rain with more rain, sporadic rai and ocassional showers with mao mao wu expected.


I already did. Smug, smug. Got a birthday party to attend.


I did something, too. “Family matters” since the kids have to go to school, etc. (cough, cough, cycling).


how’s the sunlight going today?


Hasn´t shown up yet. I already finished writing one article, though. Before coffee. Something is fishy around here. Maybe I am still in bed and dreaming of writing …


look at the weather today! wonderful :sunglasses: