The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



@Icon. Today you’re free to talk about sunlight.


I thought it’s only us. Happy to know everyone else is in the same situation lol


In Yilan around 5am the sky was so clear that I could see the milky way from sea level even with all the road lights on. Taipei at sunrise had a few thin clouds but still clear. Now down in the west coast it’s all hazy due to pollution.


Yet another “handful of bad days” this year in Taichung


Wasn’t there a fake news thread saying the air in Taichung improved?


Surely only a sophist would infer such a thing? :smile:


The blue sky did not last near 101. already turning gray.


Blue Sky day Taipei near 101.


Another blue sky day Taipei.


Nice looking forecast brewing for CNY. Not wanting to jinx it or nuthin’ but it should be a good one.


Weather is awesome. So bad we have to work on Tuesdays.


Good weather to last at least until Thursday.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.:

Pal in Minnesota says it’s -27.


Boy am I glad I’m nowhere near that craziness. Just the thought of such a temperature makes me shiver.


At least it’s not windy in Chicago…wait :thinking: :hushed:


When wind chill is added, the temps drop another 20 or more Fahrenheit, thus making it feel like -60F or -50F. Exposed skin can get frostbite in 10 mins or less.


Looks like spring-like days over the next couple days with winter still on until March 21.




It’s so cold in Chicago, crews had to set fire to commuter rail tracks to keep the trains moving smoothly.


Cold front with rain coming up on the weekend -of course. Expect temperatures of 12 to 16 degrees, approximately atarting tomorrow…

…just in time for the “second greatest anual human migration” - as per CNA.