The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



here we go, she’s hallucinating again


Don’t tell her anything about this, but she had a cat called Sunshine and she’s never been the same since the poor thing died after making it drink kaoliang with her a CNY some time ago.


So tomorrow’s forecast is 26 degrees…

Meanwhile I had to get out of bed, turn on the heater, put on socks and a sweater, and bring an extra blanket because I was freezing my nose and feet…and had 3 cats on top. Now there is only one on top and one between the blankets.


It’s fascinating. I often have to go to Taipei, either to work there or take the HSR to wherever.
If I arrive in Taipei and it’s cloudy, I always find a reply by Icon claiming there’s sunshine on her window.
If I step off the bus and it’s hot and sunny…nothing.


I went out for lunch and it was cool. Coming back it felt really hot and yes, there was sunshine. Right now I am looking at clear blue skies as far as my window goes on the right -Xinyi, Nankang-, but on the left -Sanchong, Xinzhuang- some clouds have started creeping in.

I guarantee that it will be cool again in the evening.


Even the weather is influenced by the Sanchong’s aura of doom…




If there’s been better February weather than this in Taipei City, I haven’t seen it. Hope you enjoyed it, folks!



It seems as though I have successfully gotten away with not owning a heater this year.


Indeed, though I fear we may have to turn the ACs on earlier than ever.


Things that make you go hmmm…


Waiting for icon’s sunray!

Good weather in Yilan, though

a few clouds, but warm and mostly sunny


“Showers in the vicinity”. Damn rich people… I’m tired of having to use the public baths.


@mad_masala done a funny :rofl:


holy cow, it looks worse and worse as i get closer to taipei. I want to back to Yilan, where we have good weather!


Please be advised that it will be cold and rainy in Northern Taiwan during the weekend, 16 to 18 degrees. Temperature will be back to 27 degrees on Monday.


Oh my fucking God! are blankets still available at Carrefour??


@Icon is my Forumosan motherly figure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s okay if it’s only cold for two days. That’s not enough time to turn my whole building into an icebox again.


Get a raincoat while you’re there. Have fun biking