The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



I’ll probably ride my bike this weekend… if it doesn’t rain.


Ran this morning. Constant drizzle here in Xizhi. Many runners on the riverside path. Only a few cyclist, all headed toward Taipei. Maybe no rain there.


No rain Taipei yet.


I did a bullshit breakfast ride. I think that the roads were like a bit wet, probably it rained earlier but it didn’t during the time I rode. It was a bit chill outside, perfect time for using that winter jacket that you don’t get to use in Taiwan, not much.


Like taxes and death the temperature is sure to go down every Saturday and go back up on Mondays. Enjoy your sunny work days in office and sad weather for fun on weekends.

Now it is 17degrees, forecast 28degrees on Tuesday, 19 Saturday…


You can always check the forecast for Taichung to cheer yourself up :wink:


It did. Guess where I will be going on the weekend.


My weather forecast app says there is 0% chance of rain today.


Mine said rainy morning. LG weather.

Are you sure yours is set to Taipei? Mine occassionally jumps by itself to the old country or Japan or any of the other places I have set up in the weather app.


Google told me that it was going to rain today…and it’s raining (in Xinyi)

So, that means is accurate?


My phone says I should be buying ticket to Bali


My phone also tells me that you owe me lunch, from that time about that thing.

Thanks. See you in the 101 food court at noon.


So when is the next typhoon coming?


Already went by I think.

Actually, the water reservoirs are severily low. We got a problem. No rain in winter is a big issue.


They don’t seem to be that bad off (although some of the smaller ones are very low), but I’m not sure what’s normal for this time of year.


Shame on you for attempting to harsh Tía’s rampant panicmongering with trivial facts. :no_no:


Check the news: we had lower than expected rain in winter, hence, less water to go around. But priorities are covered.

Auntie Peng recommends to take cold showers: good for your health and the environment, save on time, water and electricity bills.


But not good for my libido…



You can’t tell me you’re cold! It’s 27°C!