The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



It was when I left my house in the mountains at 8. Now, not that much.

Then I got to the office and relized the bunker´s azaleas are in full bloom.


I wish I wore shorts to work :frowning:


And we just hit 30.


I want my winter back. :disappointed_relieved:


Early Summer = early typhoons!!!


C’mon, building up false hope like that is just cruel.


I want winter …


I’m wearing weather appropriate clothing but I’m cold as hell trying to eat my lunch in this noodle joint. Good lord.


Fear not, my sweet bovine friend. This year we’re going to get absolutely savaged by typhoons coming from all directions.


Please sir, can we have a double eye-wall super typhoon? :praying:


hoping for that typhoon make it quick as my boss is back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, not THAT early…just “earlier*” !

  • = conditions apply


You guys will get your winter back starting Saturday. mwahahahahaha! (and then back to summer again on Monday)




Would be great to fly somewhere warm on friday and return tuesday :wink:


Fly to Tainan it’s beautiful.


Please, any Forumosans in the Okinawa vicinity, let us know when swimming season starts.




I took Bobby on a walk on one of these sunny afternoons to taida and there were a couple of young foreigners around. I thought one of them was wearing stockings -weird for a guy…nope, that was his skin color: pasty white.

Today I took a selfie with a local friend. I look like a marshmallow in a red top.

Sun is good.