The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



I thank my good genes that at least I do not turn grey like certain foreigners of European descent. But the fluorescent white does not look good in selfies. :cry:


Starting tomorrow, rain and rain. Lovely.


Why do you guys so eagerly desire typhoons? Is that so that you don’t have to work?


It’s a cult.


Yeah , I know… oh wait …cult


Cooler temperatures, fresher air, religious experience.


Thinking about end of world cool. Time to watch Will Smith Legend kind of experience?


That candy-ass Hollywood lightweight wouldn’t last two seconds in a real typhoon. :sunglasses:




He wants to let you know he is a tough guy


The hell!?

Oh lows of 13 degrees up North, rain Sunday all over Taiwan.

Of course we have sunshine tomorrow, silly, we have to work, of course it is sunny!


With or without work, I’ll take the sunshine, thank you!



I always find it to satisfying when it snows on Snow mountain.

I remember when I went to Taiping mountain last time there was a single mountain with a very pointy top covered in snow, and someone said it was Xueshan. I wonder if it’s actually possible to see it from Taiping mountain on a clear day?


There is a Latin carnival on Sunday. Luckily, it is in Maji, which is covered, but it might be problematic for the soccer games.


Okay, this cold snap up north is… not cool.

But it seems like this might be one of winter’s last gasps.


The rain, the non stop rain…


SOS I can’t get out of bed


Thank goodness the carnival is under a big roof.

Rain I can take. Cold is fine. Rain and cold is problematic.

Could go out for brunch. This rain makes for great pictures.


and it turns 排球 into 水球!


So far the rain has turned my bed into a war zone, as cats fight over warm spots.

So much to do, so little desire to do it, zzz…