The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Hey look, the Pantheon!


Taiwan Shield, buahahahhhaahahahha!

I am really curious about the forecasts for storms this year.


The sun! The sun is out! @IbisWtf must be in Taipei


I am! And I strongly deny any claims of the sun showing up anywhere.


Little Mister Sunshine.


I hereby present the evidence.


It’s on already.

The current water temperature is 23 C; and it only got down to about 22 at the lowest this ‘winter’.

Back in my surfing days in Sydney, we’d look forward to stop wearing a wetsuit around November when the water temperature got over 18 C. And at the end of summer, it still never got above 22 or so.

but now, I’m spoiled. Gotta wear at least a shortie now until the water’s over 25.


We’ll see. I’m on the bus to Taipei…


not looking good so far!



Last year most went North to Japan.
I’m guessing some really strong typhoons given the first formation in the Pacific in Feb.
Global warming means increased ocean temps means more powerful typhoons and also earlier in season.


Last night the weather forecast said it would be 27 degrees today in Taipei. I am wearing lighter pants but did bring a heavy sweater… thank goodness.

22 degrees is the current outside temperature. Lovely.

Day is still young.



The sun is out! I told ya!




Right on my keyboard/desk/monitor, yes, it does!



It’s nice to have a window. I shall now emerge and if there is no sun there will be trouble.


Problem is that it gives you this feeling>


Sun ! I’m Alive again !


I’m pretty sure it is.It’s only about 30 km to the SW from Taiping, and there’s nothing in between blocking the view. (Taiping being the highest peak on its side of the road, and ‘Mt Sylvia’ being the highest on her side of the road…)