The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



That sounds cool. When I have time I’ll have a look at the pics from that trip to see if i have a photo of that pointy mountain.


This weather is making life seem worth living.


Have you seen the forecast for Thursday in Taipei?


Yes. Enjoy life right now!



I haven’t, but went to check after your post

What’s happening?: :eek:


It’s called “weather.” :grin:


Taiwan happens :persevere:


The cold I can bear. 100% rain!!! :sob:


Kept reading “cold can of beer.” That’s a bad sign, I think.


You are yearning for summer.

Friggin cold wind getting between the panels of the windows. Brrrrrrr! Mulled wine or masala tea would suit this weather.




Beautiful weather today in xindian, even walked all the way home from work! Some of the pollution seems to have blown away also. Enjoy it while you can as the summer misery is not that far away!


Heck, all that wind blew away my misery… and my shirts, my towels and part of my underwear! Had to spend 20 minutes today putting all the laundry back up.


Buy a tumble drier, you won’t know yourself.


I have an air dryer and the big stuff like bedspreads go to the laundromat. usually, there is no problem with hanging the stuff in the balcony, it takes a typhoon to blow stuff around, so last night it was weird.


yeah I lost my sofa cover too. Flew off the balcony, no idea where it is now.


I dry everything using a dehumidifier in the room. Works like magic and everything smells so fresh when dry.

  1. My wardrobe covers two balconies, not enough dehumidifiers…
  2. Yes, the idea is to have nice sunshine and wind and less humid stench on the clothing
  3. I have a collection of furry thieves who love clothes as playthings… or worse. One cat suffers from pica, and I have already lost several key pieces of garments to his appetite.


Sunny and well above 20C where I live.
Sunny and raining in the first opening on the way to Taipei.
Cloudy and raining in the second opening.

what should i expect in Taipei?


Crap. It’s just cloudy right now, but supposed to start pouring imminently. 100% chance of rain kinda pour.