The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Can we go outside this weekend???


Sure! Just don’t expect to go back home dry!


I think I don’t hear rain anymore…?


“I don’t hear the cat anymore, it obviously left. It’s definitely safe to go out, my fellow mice, let’s look for some fo…oh”


Facepalm level: UNREACHABLE


I need to go to the supermarket. I really cannot drag a shopping cart in one hand and the umbrella on the other. And not in this cold. I have two heaters on, one in each room. Can it please stop?!



I don’t feel cold, but the wetness is enraging.


How much is considered reasonable tip for the poor UberEats delivery guy who brings you sustenance in this friggin weather?


Do you still have an UberEars guy? I tried ordering here and they won’t deliver as they got too many orders :persevere:


best typo 2019, I’m now envisioning a delivery guy with massive mutant ears


It’s not so cold anymore. Just rainy and humid af. The stairwell is dripping with condensation. Dehumidifier is working overtime. Zero hope of laundry drying, even though it’s covered…


Got 2 dehumidifiers on in the bedroom. Still smell wet


That’s the bullshit excuse Pizza Rock gave me this time. I would believe them but every time I call (or have someone call) them it’s either too late, or the deliver guy left, or he’s doing other deliveries, etc… bollocks.


I am not even cold. I’m wearing shorts. The annoying thing is that I have to carry umbrella, then pull it back when there’s a cover, then open it again, then close. open. then close. then Xinyi has this weirdos wearing suit around, and it’s f**cking annoying coz all of them are carrying umbrellas too and walking casually like some dumbshit and there’s a ton of camera people too. 100X makes it worse because all the umbrellas are bumping to each other.

Let’s not even talk about buses. THE BUS DRIVERS ARE BIG A-HOLES. Y’know that the bus are wet. And you know the road are slippery. Then the shit drivers are stopping like it’s the end of the world. One woman almost fly from the middle of the bus to the front. Jezus Christ. What makes it worse are all those dripping umbrellas. OMG. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

Can they just invent something that put like some kind of dome around Taipei everytime it rains? CMON. Goddamnit.

Okay. Rant’s over.

I’m home now.


Did you just move here?

If so, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. : )



If you are asking me.

This is my first January, February, March. I moved last year June.

And ask @Icon, there’s no such thing as getting used to it.


Ha, yeah, the winters in Taipei are something else.

But with the umbrella thing, you will get used to it. Just get a good compact light one. I take that puppy everywhere I go—even to bed! : )



Eww. Why would you go with something that is wet on a bed?


This year was actually a really good winter. Usually we get this rainpocylpse more often, amd in the colder months. Anyway yea it sucks. Its worn me down aftee several days of it


Better to have protection!



Might as well sleep in a bath tub.