The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



I’d rather have snow now lol.

It just unbelievable how can rain be pouring non-stop for almost a week. I need a break. The clouds, I’m sure, need some break.


Yea i never thought there would be something worse and more miserable than the English winter but here it is!


We have had winters when it is like this for weeks, almost two months without sunshine, all rain and humidity and gloom.

Count our blessings.

Love Taiwan…except for the weather.

Oh and I worked ramp in Chicago…in winter…


I remember that one. It literally rained nonstop for two months.


Good heavens it’s still raining. In fact, I think it is getting stronger.

The way this is going I expect floods or landslides.


We have had rain for a few days in Taichung also . Next week is sunny again :hugs::wink:


@icon’s true identity has been revealed.


11 degrees tomorrow up north. Wish you all someone to snuggle with.


For those who don’t, it’s time to buy an yellow umbrella!


It is predicted to be sunny tomorrow and Tuesday. I AM COUNTING ON IT.


we had a few hours of rain yesterday in Kaohsiung, it was needed and really cleared the air.


OMG! SUN! Laundry time!!!


it’s sunny in Yilan. Wtf I love climate change now


I really would like to meet Icon in person. I could just imagine the conversations. I also like end of world theories


I’d almost forgotten about that winter… my friend’s brother was visiting from a very dry climate, and we advised him that visiting Taroko was a must, unless there had been a period of prolonged heavy rainfall. He then pointed out it had rained non-stop the entire time he’d been here… oops.
This is the first time all winter I’ve felt like I’m turning into a mushroom, so it must not be THAT bad!


TBH it is quite easy here to get floods or landslides.


So glad the sky cleared up. No more wet umbrella (for now). Hurray.


Jinx! :runaway:


Mari Kondo those clouds


I think we’re officially in the brief transition period between Winter and Summer, which in Taiwan is a 24/48 hours stretch during which under the Sun it’s too hot to wear more than a t-shirt but at the same time under the shade it can be a bit too cool (especially if there’s a bit of wind).