The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



48 hours? It never lasts that long.


It used to, but climate change.




Is this the first Taipei Blue Sky day of March?


Icon didn’t post anything about sunlight today, so yes, it’s officially sunny in Taipei.


She’s in shock. Too much blue all in one go.


Very funny. I just did not want to be Captain Obvious. Plus that naught ray of sunshine that hits me right in the face has not arrived yet.

We got less than 48 hours until the weather changes again. Enjoy.


I need to start doing screenshots of the weather forecast. It said 21 degrees this morning. Lo and behold, look, we have 26 now.

It says 21 degrees plus 10% rain for tomorrow. Let’s see how long it holds up.


My forecast said a high of 26 peaking at about 2 pm.

Maybe your source is shite and that’s why you’re constantly getting surprised?


CWB. I check it before going to bed and as soon as I get up. And confirm with tv news.


Nonononono. No wonder you are constantly being caught off-guard!

My preferred source is wunderground, especially using their 10 day forecast, which provides nifty details about anticipated hour-by-hour changes in temperature, precipitation, among other things.

At least for forecasting, forget CWB!



You, guys…

There’s only one way to know The Truth about weather forecast. Open Taiwan News and in your browser make a page search for the terms “SCORCHING” and “PLUMMETING + DIPPING”.
If you find the former, it’s going to be hot. Otherwise, it’s going to be cold.

Trust the K-Man.


For @Icon :grinning:


You know the weather is turning tomorrow? Pack umbrella and thick jacket.

But thanks anyways. I decided to move some boxes and block the annoying ray of sunshine until the Earth turns around again.


I’m so glad these past few days.


Well that cold spell was short lived. It’s turning out to be a pretty nice afternoon!



And the mercury is only going one direction for the next week. Hurrah! Break out the factor 40.


28 and 29 degree highs next week? Wow. And then it looks like it’s a bit cold Friday night. Just in time for the weekend maybe.


Clear night tonight, perfect because it is taco night in Xindian. Right at Qizhang station.


31 degrees next Thursday!!!