The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Just for the record, CWB says sunny, 18 to 28 degrees expected.


It was supposed to be sunny today…



Thanks @Icon for another totally off prophecy of disaster and destruction :smiley:


Well umbrella was not used but it was pretty windy so the jacket protected me from the chill.

Do not disregard the wisdom of your elders, young paduan.


Looks gloomy but… no drop of rain, which is good news. And that is in Nangang. Must be bright and sunny in central Taipei.


Alas it is not bright and sunny in central Taipei (at least in my part of it).

The dreary weather today was something of a surprise, as I saw the winds shifted to winds from the south, which usually bring loveliness to our beloved capital city. Not today!



You are not freaking kidding I remember one winter I was living in neihu and it was so wet water was dripping off the ceiling I literally had an umbrella when I was sitting in bed it was extremely horrible
Like two hundred percent humidity


In my many years on the rock it had basically rained every day almost all day in January February March April and all of May

June July August September October you get nice weather but you may get almost daily afternoon thunderstorms or sometimes typhoons

Nov the rain comes in earnest along with a bit of cold fronts then Indian summer in December

And then it’s repeat

This is Keelung we are talking about , Taipei is a bit better

I hear things may have changed since I left the rock in 99 or has it .?


To summarize, expect rain everyday.